APL Weekly Lottery

APYLAND Lottery is a new game that apyland offers to his holders. It is not a gambling game that asks the user to pay a commission, it is completely free and participation is open to anyone with APL in their wallet.
Every week half of the accumulated reward wallet will be used to reward a single random person.
From the page on the Apyland website it will be possible to view the history of the winners of each week and the total accumulated volume.
Example screen of Apyland Lottery
1.25% Buy/Sell Fee are accumulated weekly inside the Reward Wallet. Weekly half wallet is dedicated to NFT Rewards and half is dedicated to Lottery. NFT/Lottery Reward Wallet Address: 0x5F3BfAa0c39b0149D3cC0B8fD07dbB739efEd4Cd


  1. 1.
    To participate, you must have at least 40 APL in your wallet.
  2. 2.
    The game is free and you don't need to deposit any tokens.
  3. 3.
    The draw takes place at 00:01 every Monday.