APL NFT Collection

Apyland NFT is a collection of 500 Avatar of our Mascotte COSMO. Each NFT is unique and living on the Binance Smart Chain. With a lot of artistic elements, each avatar is crafted by APL Team Artist.
APL NFT collection uniquely interacts with the Apyland Ecosystem. There are 4 rarities:
  • Common: 300
  • Rare: 120
  • Epic: 60
  • Legendary: 20
NFT Owners will receive weekly APL reward from 1,25% fee of APL Buy/Sell volume or trade the NFTs on the APL NFT Marketplace.
NFT Airdrop For Fair Launch Contributors (MAX 1 NFT for Address):
🥇 LEGENDARY NFTs: for who buy 5 BNB or more 🥈 RARE NFTs: for who buy 3 BNB (only 50) 🥉 COMMON NFTs: for who buy 1 BNB (only 50)
The NFT will be dropped whitin 3 weeks from the end of the Pinksale Fair Launch
NFT Minting Event
The remaining NFTs will be released during dedicated events on Apyland